Comprehensive Gynecological Care at Markham Kids Clinic

Our experienced gynecologists offer personalized and comprehensive women’s health services, addressing a wide range of gynecological needs. Whether you require routine screenings, family planning, or specialized care, our team is dedicated to providing expert guidance and support throughout every stage of a woman’s life. With a focus on personalized care, we offer comprehensive services ranging from routine exams to specialized treatments. Trust our experienced team to provide compassionate and expert guidance throughout every stage of your reproductive health journey.

Now Markham Kids Clinic offers services to Women’s Health the following services:


The clinic has reopened with new administration. Now we are accepting new patients.

Gynecologists are medical professionals who specialize in women’s reproductive health. They provide a range of services related to the female reproductive system. Here are some of the common services that gynecologists offer:
1. Routine Examinations:
      • Pelvic Exams: Regular pelvic exams are conducted to check for abnormalities in the reproductive organs.
      • Pap Smears: Screening for cervical cancer through the collection and examination of cervical cells.
2. Prenatal Care:
      • Monitoring and managing pregnancies to ensure the health of both the mother and the baby.
      • Conducting ultrasound scans to track fetal development.
3. Family Planning:
      • Providing information on and prescribing contraceptive methods.
      • Counseling on family planning options and fertility issues.
4. Menstrual Issues:
      • Addressing problems related to menstruation, such as irregular periods, heavy bleeding, or painful periods.
5. Sexual Health:
      • Discussing and addressing sexual health concerns.
      • Testing and treating sexually transmitted infections (STIs).
6. Menopause Management:
      • Helping women manage symptoms associated with menopause, such as hot flashes, mood changes, and bone health.
7. Gynecological Conditions:
      • Diagnosing and treating various gynecological conditions, such as endometriosis, uterine fibroids, and ovarian cysts.
8. Reproductive System Surgeries:
      • Performing surgeries such as hysterectomy, myomectomy, and ovarian cyst removal when necessary.
9. Breast Exams:
      • Conducting breast examinations to detect lumps or abnormalities.
10. Counseling and Education:
      • Providing education on women’s health issues.
      • Offering counseling on fertility, pregnancy, and reproductive choices.